Story Plant continue investment programme

The Story Plant team have recently taken delivery of 22 new items to enhance their fleet of attachments and small plant. Combined, the 22 items represent an investment of £246k taking Story Plant’s investment in new machines and equipment in 2021 to £5.5m. The recent investments include:

  • 12 new Liebherr RRV’s (including our 6 new Liebherr A924’s and 6 Liebherr A920’s)
  • 12 new Chieftain Trailers
  • 4 new excavators ranging from 8.5 tonne to 17 tonne
  • 1 new RRV Dozer
  • 49 new attachments

The most recent attachments to be delivered delivery of, some of which are pictured above, has seen Story Plant increase their holding of some models, whilst adding brand new attachments to the fleet such as the Seven Sleeper Spacer (700mm). The full delivery of 22 items includes:

  • 2x Triple Wackers
  • 7x Ditching Buckets
  • 6x Low Panel Beams
  • 2x Universal Beams
  • 2x Extending Rail Beam
  • 1x Seven Sleeper Spacer (700mm)
  • 2x Ballast Plough

Since arrival, the items have gone through our workshops where they were branded and commissioned and are now available for use and hire on projects throughout the UK. Click here to view our full fleet of attachments.