Meaningful Community Engagement

Being a good neighbour and doing it right by the community has been a guiding motto for Story ever since our inception. We recognise the responsibility we have to give back to the communities across the United Kingdom in which we are integrated. It is not an add on to what we do, it’s an expectation.

Our aim is to ensure meaningful community engagement and investment is at the heart of everything we do. As a company we have worked independently and alongside many clients, members of our supply chain, charities and organisations to support and inspire our local communities through a range of activities, events and initiatives across the UK.

Charity Partners

Our current Charity Partners are Mind and SAMH, who provide advice and support to empower anyone who is vulnerable to, or currently experiencing, a mental health problem. In addition, we have also committed to sponsor the following regional charities:

  • Carlisle Youth Zone
  • 42nd Street (Manchester)
  • LimbBo Foundation (Yorkshire)
  • Crisis Skylight Birmingham
  • Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity


Inspiring Future Generations

We actively engage with primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities to engage their students through employment programmes, careers events, and Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM) sessions. This is in addition to our ongoing commitment to attract and develop the next generation of talent through apprenticeships and traineeships.


Community Support & Events

We are committed to actively engaging with local communities and organise and support a number of community events, both independently and alongside our client base, supply chain and local charities. In addition to charity fundraising we also aim to complete projects which provide sustainable social value in our working areas.


Being a Good Neighbour

We actively provide meaningful consultation, participation and communication with our local communities, businesses and other interested stakeholders in order to minimise the impact of all our projects. We have an employee within our Marketing team whose role includes working with the community and stakeholders, managing all feedback and complaints received to help us measure how well we are servicing their needs.


Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

We aim to create a workplace where everyone feels comfortable regardless of race, gender, disability or sexual orientation. We do this by eliminating discrimination and encouraging diversity among our workforce.  We also aim to encourage and support local events which promote and celebrate diversity, such as Multicultural Carlisle’s ‘Culture Bazaar’ festival and local Pride events throughout our operating areas.


#TeamStory in the Community

We understand the importance of a thriving community, and as such, do everything we can to improve and enhance the communities in which we operate. Where possible, we do this through providing support by way of free labour, materials and support from our staff, allowing us to directly assist community groups, charities and events in ways that provide more significant benefits than monetary donations.

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