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What are Engineering Upgrades?

On-Track Plant (OTP) is provided with a seven-year lifecycle to work on Network Rail’s Managed Infrastructure. At the end of the seven-year period, the OTP is then subjected to an engineering upgrade to the current engineering standard.

Our Engineer Upgrade operations are undertaken by our Refurbishment team, based in our Carlisle Head Office. The team carry out a range of refurbishments and upgrades to our extensive fleet of machines and attachments, allowing them to remain at the forefront of innovation.

Carrying out upgrades and tip testing in-house allows us to refurbish and upgrade machines with improved quality control and reduced timescales. This means we can have as many machines as possible available to meet our clients needs at any time.

Previous Upgrade Works

Our team carry out a wide range of upgrade works, from full machine upgrades following certification expiry, to the refurbishment of attachments and trailers. The team’s past works include refurbishments throughout our fleet including full upgrades of RRV’s, Dozers, Unimog and Trailers. As part of the upgrade process we are installing machine cab air filtration systems to enhance operator safety in relation to high dust levels and the fitment of 360 degree recordable camera systems.

Case Study – Liebherr A900 RRV Refurbishment

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