What is POS?

Network Rail’s POS Rules define the minimum means of compliance for the provision and use of On-Track Plant (OTP). The POS Rules outlines processes to support safe planning, control and use of OTP. The site management and control of OTP is only permitted by organisations with a POS provision capability, such as Story Plant.

Why choose Story Plant?

We are proud to hold POS provision capability and offer innovative delivery of POS solutions to our clients. We have a dedicated POS team throughout the country who focus specifically on the requirements of our customers who wish to utilise POS services.

Our guiding motto is to ‘do it right’ by our clients and that is no different in the case of POS. In addition to carrying out the requirements of the POS scheme, we offer our clients a range of services and assistance to reduce risks on-site. You can view our POS Certificate here.

Reducing your risk

Our experienced dedicated POS provision team are on-hand to work collaboratively with our full range of clients to ensure on-site risk is reduced from the outset. There is a wide range of ways in which we can assist in reducing project risk which include:

  • Advise and ensure the correct On Track Plant is selected for the planned works
  • Procure the plant and provide assurances on its compliance to current standards
  • Advise on OTP delivery, storage, access and operations
  • Provide competent persons to ensure operations are compliant
  • Act as the single point of contact to the PC for any OTP issues
  • Assist in the planning of works including site visits, lift plans, drawings and Work Package Plans
  • Carry out meet and greet obligations to ensure safe and effective handover of OTP
  • Provide all documentation to support the operations and controls

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